To blog or not to blog....

To blog or not to blog - that has always been the question - for one reason or another I never managed to write a single post! Now, here I am, late Saturday evening, writing post number one, hopefully one of many….

The ‘about me’ bit; I’m a normal girl with a lot contrasting interests. For starters I’m a politics graduate working for a large government department (Ministry of Justice), but I’m also a make up artist. I’m passionate about gender equality and proud to call myself a feminist - I’m a baking enthusiast, am part of a book club (sometimes code for ‘let’s drink lots of prosecco!’) a lover of all things vintage and creator of bespoke floral garlands…..

Aside from the day job, my current weekend project (in conjunction with Gemma Whitbread of Makeup London ( offers accessible and portable make up and hair services from our studio in London’s Brick Lane. Doing what I love best (i.e. make up), using new products and meeting new people, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start recording my journey via blog posts; writing about new experiences, book / product reviews and sharing vintage finds, bespoke flower garlands and cupcake designs - ultimately, sharing what impassions and inspires me!

So as I reach the end of post one - I want to say hello and thank you for reading this far… Adieu until post number two!x